WebEase (Web Epilepsy, Awareness, Support and Education) is an interactive, on-line self-management program for people with epilepsy. The goal of WebEase is to support and foster the management of epilepsy by people with epilepsy. WebEase was developed by a team of Emory University researchers and physicians who treat patients with epilepsy.

How does it work?

WebEase is different from other Epilepsy websites because it does not tell you what you should do.  Rather, it guides you to think about what is important to you in managing your epilepsy through taking medications, managing stress and getting a good night’s sleep. WebEase encourages you to make decisions that are consistent with your own goals:

Who should use WebEase?

WebEase is for anyone living with epilepsy and who is interested in improving their self-management skills regardless of where they are in life, or how long they have lived with epilepsy. WebEase will be particularly helpful for those who have been recently diagnosed with epilepsy, or for those who are struggling with managing their medication taking, reducing their stress levels and improving their sleep.

Because WebEase adapts to your needs, each WebEase module can be taken mutilple times and support you in your personal journey to improve  your epilepsy self-management at times when you need it most.

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WebEase Modules

WebEase consists of three interactive modules:  medication taking, stress and sleep management.  Each module helps you set goals and use strategies that are customized to meeting your personal needs and challenges in managing epilepsy. 

Each module includes:Medication Module Screenshot: Surveys

Detailed resources adapted to where you are in your epilepsy self-management, so you canexplore what you are really interested in.

Instructional videos  to provide further information and tips on how to improve medication taking, sleep and stress management .

Audio and video testimonials  to show that you are not alone in the struggles and successes of dealing with epilepsy.


Stress moduleThe Medication module focuses on strategies and techniques to help you remember to take your medications, empower you to ask your doctor about what medications are right for you, and make sure that you can understand and accurately follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid complications and side effects. 

The Stress module focuses on how stress impacts your ability to manage both your epilepsy and your life.  You will see how your thought processes influence how you handle stressful situations.  You will be exposed to many different stress management strategies that have proven effective, such as avoiding stress triggers, meditation, guided imagery, muscle relaxation breathing techniques, and even time management.  You can choose which strategies are best suited to your situation. 

WebEase Video TestimonialsThe Sleep module focuses on how sleep management and getting enough sleep can help you manage your epilepsy. Techniques and strategies will be presented to help you identify what keeps you from getting a great night’s sleep every night, and you will be guided along the process of setting goals so you eventually can get a great night’s sleep every night. 

All modules contain additional educational resources, videos, and testimonials to help you on your journey to more effective epilepsy management.   


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MyLog is an online personal journal that you can use to track patterns and receive personalized feedback about how your medication taking, stress, and sleep may affect your epilepsy.

MyLog provides a way to review and display the information you enter so that it is most useful and understandable to you.  Unlike other online seizure tracking tools, the information you record in MyLog is used to adapt the content of each module and to provide you with personalized feedback to meet your specific needs.

MyLogSummary MyLog Add a medicationMyLog ChartMyLog Charts


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